Dahab Update

Tonight we went into Dahab city, where our guide showed us around and pointed out things we may need during the week. He then showed us some of the restaurants along the water’s edge that he recommends and we went outside them to see the menu’s and listen to the guy outside of each restaurant to tell us their special offers and how fresh their seafood was. In the end we went to the restaurant that was the ‘best’ in Dahab that Yessir (our guide) said and that it was the cleanest and safest… the guy (outside the restaurant) took us to see their kitchen and their bathrooms (they were very very very clean). So we were going to get free water, free starters, free desert and free sheesha(flavoured tobacco smoked from this funny contraption)… We all ordered… Cindy, Matthew and I ordered the Chef’s Chicken Special (Kind of like chicken kiev)… When the food came – It looked awesome… I quickly devoured mine as it was really good… however… Cindy (with her luck with food) got half way through eating it and realised that the bottom was still raw… like still that rubbery/clear look not white… so that was shit!! They took it away and Yessir was really upset and angry at the staff because he had recommended them and they were meant to be really you know clean and safe – he brings a lot of people there. So they offered Cindy new food…. and some drinks. So she got a Sprite, some more water and a pizza to take away. (She didn’t really want the food but they were so insistent).. She also didn’t pay for the meal. A couple of people had apple flavour sheesha…. It wasn’t our thing and it didn’t smell horrible lol so it was easy to sit around and laugh at the people who had never tried smoking before and watching them try and blow smoke coolly. Haha.. We then quickly went to their supermarket and got 2 waterproof disposable cameras.

You wouldn’t believe what happened then… This Storm hits… Lighting, Thunder and RAIN… Dahab hasn’t had rain in 2 years!!! And what does it do when we get here… RAIN! Everything was in mayhem around the water… All the restaurants pretty much just shut down….

When we got home we came back to our room and Cindy wasn’t feeling too well…


Cindy is feeling much better this morning… however it is very overcast!! We are going snorkelling at 10:30 at the Blue Hole… which is apparently world famous for snorkelling/diving…. So we’re going there and snorkelling around for a couple of hours.. (I hope the sun comes and gets rid of the clouds)… This week (weather permitting) should be awesome and quite cheap. Our snorkelling adventure today will cost 75 Egyptian each which is just under 15 dollars…. and tomorrow we’re going quad biking for the day and that costs 150 Egyptian which is about 30 dollars. Then we go on a day around on Thursday/Friday (day hasn’t been set) to go camel back riding/snorkelling/jeeping for 180 Egyptian… which is soo cheap…so where going to do all of it. On Wednesday night… we climb a large mountain with a great hike and includes, 750 steps and see the sunset and visit St Catherine church/the burning bush and some other bible places…

Starting to get a little clearer – going to get a buffet breaky (which looks promising … not… the rain seems to have shut down the restaurant (as it is outside!!)).

We got breakfast and the sun was starting to shine and blue skies could be seen… The morning looked promising… After breaky we got our snorkelling gear (after a few tries for a wet suit), the group headed to the first spot – The ‘blue hole’… all the cafes had all their pillows and rugs in the sun trying to dry them. We sat down and put our booties on… and Yasser gave an explanation about how to breath through a piece to everyone – no-one else had been snorkelling before… so we then headed onto this blue plastic like jetty thing where we put on our flippers.. I was the first to jump into the water… The water was really warm. My snorkel punge valve was broken, so when ever I put my head under water, I’d just get salt water in my mouth… Yasser got another mask/snorkel for me and then I was set. With the wet suits on and the amount of salt in the water…. you could not dive – even Yasser couldn’t… It’s because the Red Sea has a higher concentration of salt… It is impossible to sink…. so yeah… The fish – OMG they were sooo colourful and the different species… it was a completely different experience to Moreton Island. We saw dories, Gil, nemos, sea urchins, black fish, white fish, black and white fish, purple fish, green fish, red fish, blue fish.. amazing… we swam around for probably like 30/45 minutes then we hopped out to go further down to another spot and swim back to the blue hole… It started to rain on the way there but it was nice…. Jumping into this next place was so amazing… much bigger fish… not really your normal fish but coral fish… I saw parrot fish, leather jacket looking fish, massive big parrot fish, swimming around the coral… Just amazing… Dad – you would have loved it – the smaller fish just swam up so close to you – Cindy nearly caught one… took some photos – hopefully they turn out. The joys of disposable cameras. When we got out we were tired and a little cold so we quickly got a wet suits off and headed back to the resort for a hot shower and lunch.

Now Cindy’s POV…

Cindy: We had a really good brekky, we got cereal, pancake pieces, potato thing and omlettes.

We then went to the Diving Centre (in the resort) and got our snorkelling gear. I had to try on 3 different wet suits until I found one that fit me (the 2nd one wouldn’t go over my chest), the third fit snuggly around my chest but was baggy everywhere else. Kath only had to try on 2. We then got ready to go to the “Blue Hole”. When we arrived we put on our water shoes, and Yasser showed us how to breathe through the mouth piece. We then went over into the water. The water wasn’t too cold, once you got in, it was really warm. The view under the water was amazing, I have never seen anything like it before. The coral reef was so colourful and there were so many different species of fish. I took a picture of Kath under the water, and plenty of pictures of colourful and odd looking fish. We swam around for ages, the reef went on for ages. There were some scuba divers swimming around the same area that we were in, I took a picture of one that swam right under me. The fish didn’t even notice you were there, they just led their happy little lives and we led ours. We then got out and went up to the “crack” area. It started raining on the way up there, made it a bit cooler. Once we go there and put our gear back on, we jumped into the water and, down there was even more stunning then in the first place we snorkelled, I followed some fish around and watched others for ages. I had to concentrate on breathing a fair bit, I haven’t done snorkelling before (that I can remember). Once I was so distracted with taking a picture and following a fish I forgot about my breathing and choked on water and got it into my mask and in my mouth… gross! When we started to get tired we headed back into the shore and jumped out. It was really cold out of the water, so we quickly got out of our wet suits and got rugged up in our towels.

When we got back to the resort, we had showers then met up with everyone for lunch. While we were waiting to go to lunch, the room service guy came around and we told him we didn’t want our room done, as we had only slept there one night. We then had lunch and sat around chatting for a while. After lunch Kath and I had to move rooms as the guy cleaning our room completely smashed our basin (we have no idea how). So we shifted 10 rooms to the right. We are now in 114. After we shifted rooms some people decided to head into the town. We decided to stay behind, and I did some washing of our socks and underwear. Our air-conditioning unit has just stopped in our room and it is boiling. We may be in for another room change tonight!

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