The New Year so far…

We started the New Year off in the middle of Glasgow City, singing the “auld lang sine”… In George Square there was thousands of people packed in to celebrate hogmany. Deacon Blue and The Bahookie played, they are both Scottish bands and both were great entertainers. At midnight there were fireworks, unfortunately we were unable to see them due to all the smoke and fog. (mainly from people breathing)… So we just listened to the fireworks and pretended like we could see them. It was amazing to the amount of “breath” coming out of everyone in George Square. We had a great night in the town and even got a free bus home. When we arrived home, some of the family was over, the house was quite busy, it was so warm inside. We said happy new year to everyone and had a chat. At about 2am I headed off to bed and Kath stayed up with Ellen, Tom, Ross and Malcolm..

On New Years Day we got up really late. We went for a walk with the family on over the golf course and up a hill. On the top of the hill we could see all over Glasgow, it was really nice. Kath, Malcolm and Tom went sledging on a bumpy hill.. I wasn’t so game given the fact that the 3 of them had all fallen off the sledge. On the way back to the house we found heaps of animal prints in the snow. Tom claimed that one set of prints was a Panther (I’m not so sure panthers live here!).

On Saturday we had a day of relaxing and sorting out our things for Egypt.

On Sunday Ellen and Tom took us into the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. There were huge green houses. There were plants from all over the world… some seemed very familiar… (they were from Australia). My favourite part was the cactus section… some are so nice looking.. After leaving the warmth of the green houses we went for a walk around the external gardens. Lots of kids were sledging… I found a squirrell in a tree, while pointing that out to Kath, everyone spotted one on the ground. So I discreetly stalked him for a picture. I got pretty close at one stage, he looked at me and I looked at him and we both freaked out haha… I got a few pictures… After that we headed to Crepes and Croissants for a hot drink ad Lunch. Kath and I had hot chocolates and ham sandwiches. Ellen and Tom had Baked Potatoes and tea and coffee.  After our lunch we went to the Scotland Street School. It was really interesting. They had rooms from the WW1 and the 1960-1970’s.  I didnt like the look of the hard wooden desks and chairs! Gee kids these days have luxuries. It was interesting as the girls and boys had different entrances to the  school.

On Monday  Tom took us into Glasgow City to get our Hep A injections. They hurt! Not as much as the cost hurt! haha. We then went to the shops to buy some things for Egypt, bikini, sunglasses and hats etc, the things you don’t typically need in Scotland’s winter! We got some great bargains, I love the shops in Glasgow (especially the sports shops).

On Tuesday we started to pack our things, checking we had everything! Also on Tuesday at 2pm (Scotland’s time), it was Kath’s Birthday (Australian time). It didn’t count as we are in the UK. haha.

On Wednesday it was officially Kath’s 22nd Birthday. As we are traveling I got Kath some useful things, a watch and some underwear, and made her some vouchers for things she can use throughout our trip and when we get home.  Ellen and Tom gave Kath a really nice Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Famous Glasgow Architect) design necklace, Malcolm got Kath some DVD’s, and Ross shouted Kath to Avatar in 3D. The movie was brilliant, they need to design 3D glasses so you can wear ordinary glasses under them! We all really enjoyed the film. When we got home we had some birthday cake, (as Tom was due to head off to Ireland). There were so many candles on the cake (not much cake could be seen haha). The cake was really nice! After Tom went to the airport Ellen, Ross, Kath and I headed out to Frankie and Benny’s (a New York Italian Restaurant). We all had different types of pasta, it was really delicious. After dinner we headed home and Kath had a nice long bath (I assume it was nice as she was gone for nearly an hour!).

Today is Thursday, we went to the shops today to pick up some last minute things and had lunch in a pub in East Kilbride. This afternoon we have been busy packing all the last minute things. Ellen made us a really nice curry for dinner, Kath and I have had a new cider, Scrumpy Jacks.

Tomorrow we head off to Egypt (After a stop in London and Athens). We will arrive in Cairo on Saturday. And start our 15 day tour. Our first hotel is a 5 start hotel and looks really nice. We are really looking forward to our tour. It is much warmer in Egypt, so look out for us wearing some different clothes and not just our jackets!

The weather has been pretty awful in most of the UK, we have been pretty lucky in Glasgow, we are hoping our flights are not delayed and the airports stay open.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.

Love Cindy and Kath

PS we have had a few issues accessing the blog, don’t worry we will sort it out soon (aka I hope Kath sorts it out soon). haha.

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