Today we decided to go for a nice bus ride… As we stood at the bus station waiting for the bus, Kath felt something falling on her ( I told her it wasn’t snow, as I am constantly told!). So we hopped on the bus and continued our trip. We kept spotting big white patches on the footpaths and then realised white stuff was falling from the sky… IT WAS SNOW!!! We didn’t want to get our hopes up so we sat there quietly whispering between us wheter it was snow.. It was confirmed when some Scottish girls got on the bus and said “Ohh I love the snow!”. HA there we are, we were right. We spotted snow most of our bus trip around the place.

When we got home we were thoroughly disappointed to see it was not snowing here (and it only looked like frost on the road).Kath’s cousin Ross told us it was not snow that we were seeing :(.. We knew it was (even if we are not used to snow – we could spot white stuff).  So we were casually sitting in our room ( I was hemming my jeans, Kath was writing) and I looked out the window and AHHHHH IT WAS SNOWING!!! So we ran into Ross’s Room and confirmed it was snow and we were delirious.. We quickly put on our Snow Clothes (yes they do look similar to our rain clothes) and ran out into the snow. We were rapped about the amount we were getting (as you can see in the first few pics)… It slowly got more and more.. enough to build 2 snowmen and have some left over for eating!.

We quickly discovered the trick to “rolling’ snow balls, it really is an art! We built the first snowman “Snowwie” in the backyard. He unfortunately had an accident (so he really had 2 heads). “Snowwie II Jnr” was built in the front yard as a surprise for Ellen when she got home from work. While constructing “Snowwie II Jnr”, “Snowwie” decided he had had enough of his life and fell to his death. So we took out his nose and eyes and reused them in “Snowwie II Jnr”. Talk about cloning!!!

We made a snow video of us playing in the snow, well we just turned on the camera and acted naturally… no need for acting.

We are hoping for some more snow for tomorrow (and deeper too), I really want to build a fort! We are hoping we can play all day.

We have had a cold week, we went to the movies yesterday and saw Planet 51, I thought it was good and then we watched the free film in George Square which was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the new one. It wasn’t as cold as Sunday night, so we stayed to watch the entire film.

We found that is was not cooler today playing (and lying) in the snow then what it was on Sunday after our run.

We hope you like our snow pics and video!

Fingers crossed for heaps of snow over night.

Love Cindy and Kath

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1 Response to OMG ITS SNOWING!!!

  1. Mum says:

    hysterical! I haven’t laughed so much in ages 🙂 Let it Snow!

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