Pantomime, Santa Dash and Ice Skating Fun!

On Saturday evening we went to see the local Pantomime. Eve, the young girl next door (Malcolm and Ross’s cousin) was in it. It was a great performance and fantastic atmosphere. The main story was that Humpty Dumpty was pushed off his wall and turned it turned out there was a person in there. The evil guy was trying to get into the town deeds that were in Humpty’s Wall (in a safe) and then the good guys had to go to 3 different places to get the 3 keys needed to open the safe, and beat the baddies to the keys.  The good guys won in the end. My favourite part was when they had neon lights and fish and waves, and a boat. It was really cool.

Sunday morning was the morning of our big run. We woke up early and got dressed ready for our race. Ellen and Tom dropped us into the city (they saved us from catching a bus in our santa suits haha).. There were over 3000 Santa’s both big and small there. Kath and I both had Thermal pants under our santa pants, a thermal shirt, t-shirt and a fleece jacket under out santa jackets… It was pretty cold!! I think it was around 2-4 degrees when we did our run. They had a warm up, it was hilarious to see so many santas bopping up and down and dancing around! The run was good, so many kids though! Lots of people lost items along the way, mainly belts, hats and a few lost their pants (don’t ask me how!). As the suits were made of felt and quite cheap a lot of people’s crotches/bums wore out in suits before the finish. Kath’s wore out, mine just got holes in it. When we were running back into George Square (where the race started), you could feel the temperature dropping, it was so cold towards the end. When we finished the race we got our “goodie bag” and a banana. In our bag we got a bottle of water, an apple, a Glasgow Santa Dash Medal and a T-shirt. (Here I was thinking I would have to get a new shirt to wear around Europe lol). We did the 5km in around 30mins (which is pretty good I would say considering we hadn’t really trained, we were running in low temperature and we had a million layers on).

After we recovered from our race and ate our fruit, we headed over to the ice-skating rink for our free turn. Turned out we had to wait until 12pm to onto the ice and they had limited numbers that they were letting on from the run. Everyone with their entry was meant to get a free go on the ice-rink, but it turned out there were only 400 tickets for over 3000 people who races, who were allowed on the ice. So we hung around and waited to get our ticket (we weren’t going to miss out). While we were waiting we had some hot chips and a sports drink to replenish ourselves, we also were interviewed by one of the local radio stations “Real Radio” and we were asked questions like, where we were from and if we came all the way from Australia to run in the Santa Dash (we laughed at that).. Apparently we weren’t the first Austalians that he had interviewed that day. He also asked if we were crazy coming over to Scotland in such cold weather…

When we finally got on the ice-rink it was pretty busy, lots of people falling over, big and small but not Kath or myself. I had a few close calls, but pulled it off and didn’t end up on the ice, thankfully because it would have been freezing. I would say Kath and I were pretty good ice-skaters, given the fact that we had just run 5km haha. The ice wasn’t very smooth, it was a bit like ice skating on a road but with ice (not sure if that even makes sense).  When our feet and legs started to get sore we got off the ice, and at a really good time as well, because by the time we had put our shoes back on everyone was called off the ice, so we beat the crowds out of there!

We then went to pick up our bag and jackets from the lockers we left them in. We got changed into our jeans and jackets (still keeping all other layers except the santa one! haha.

We went to a nice bar for lunch and had a hot chocolate and really nice beef burgers (no mayo of course for me)!. We stayed in the bar for a while to warm up and rest.

We then wandered around for a while to wait for the free movie that was going to be on at 4.30pm. We went into gag shops and lolly shops, then we headed back into George Square for the movie. We were a little bit early and they had some performers on stage who sang, half way through one song they ripped off their cloak thing and were in long pants and a singlet top (they must have been freezing). They changed the movie that was meant to be on. They were showing Ice Age 3, Kath didn’t really want to see it, but we stayed and watched half until I was convinced my little toes had dropped off because they were that cold, and then we caught a bus home. The bus was quite warm, warm enough that I didn’t want to get off to walk home haha.

We had a nice dinner with Ellen and then I went for a nice warm soak in the bath. (My toes are all still there, thankfully!). Then Kath had a bath.

I woke up this morning with a sore knee and sore legs, must have been the ice-skating that did it.

This morning we went to the shops and I got some new jeans.

We’re just resting this afternoon and reading some books.

We hope everyone is having a great time and getting ready for a break.

Love Cindy and Kath

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