Mallorca, (Majorca) Spain

We arrived in sunny Mallorca on Saturday at a huge 22 degrees.. Kath and I immediately stripped off (well took our jackets off).. Kath’s aunt Maxine and Grandpa met us at the airport to pick us up. Surprisingly enough our flight was early, good old Ryanair.

From the airport we headed to Maxine’s flat which Kath and I are staying at. (Maxine and Tommy have a beautiful house behind the flat. We then headed out to lunch to an all-you-can-eat (and drink) buffet. We all stuffed ourselves full then headed into Port de Polenca to take Kath’s Grandpa home. He has an apartment right on the waters edge, beautiful location. We then went to Maxine and Tommy’s house and had watched some tv on the wide screen and had some wine.

On Sunday we had a pretty quiet day and headed out to a Medieval Fayre Markets which we walked around an old church courtyard that had a whole pig on the spit. Maxine bought us some slippers to keep our feet warm in the evenings. We went to a Kebab place for lunch. It was the biggest kebab ever!And Tasty!!

On Monday, Maxine was going to hire a car for us. So we drove into the town centre of Port Pollenca and tried to hire a car, however we were to young so we drove to Alcudia and Maxine hired us a little blue Ford Ka.  It’s a nice little 3 door car. In the afternoon we drove up to Formentor which is up narrow little roads up mountains and through tunnels to get some great views and to see a far which is a lighthouse. The views were absolutely amazing! Got to love the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday, we filled the car up at a petrol station in Alcudia – the guy came up and filled the car up for us and then you just go in and pay – it was great!! We then drove through Arta, then to Cap de Pera and went up to the lighthouse and had a nice little break – the views on this corner of Mallorca were just as beautiful if not better. We were having a snack of some cheese chip things and all these cats come out from nowhere – there was like 7 cats! We then drove around for awhile trying to find the coves de arta. We got 2 euros of our tickets which was good – the caves were great – the guide spoke spanish, some english and a little bit of french – Pretty impressive!

We then drove home and had a nice night in. On Wednesday – Kath started to feel a little better and we went in to Port Pollenca and had a quick walk around the markets and then came home- to go off for a nice drive up mountains to Port Solla. The roads were narrow – but the views were amazing. There was an odd car who we think were driving around the tourist stop points seeing if people left there cars open. We had parked our car at one photo spot, and we were taking some photos and just sitting in the sun when Kath see’s this car come from one direction and turns around and drives back the way they came and parked right behind our car, the passenger guy got out and started to look at “the view” and then when he saw us walking back to the car he got back in and had to REVERSE to drive off. The fact that he was that close when There WAS like at least 100 other places seemed odd… as we were driving along we saw the same car within like 3kms like 5 times. We think he was driving around the tourist photo stops. So we kept driving to Port Soller and had a nice walk around the water and tried to make sense of the menus etc…  We ended up getting ice cream.

We then headed through some towns and ended up in Palma (the capital of Mallorca).. The traffic was horrific through the town centre. We then headed back up to the flat. We’ve seen some fantastic views and are loving the sun and warm weather we are having.

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1 Response to Mallorca, (Majorca) Spain

  1. maxine porter says:

    We hope your flight back to Scotland was on time and hassle free.
    A lovely day day here with a stunning sunset. Keep in touch.
    Love Maxine & Tommy

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