Glasgow and Edinburgh

So Bon-Fire night was amazing, then the next night at Ellens and Toms was a big gathering for an actual bon-fire (which tom had built) and fireworks. You should have seen the size of the fire – It was MASSIVE. Before the party started, Cindy and I helped Tom bring some of the wood from one place to the fire so we could put more on it. It was sooo muddy and cold and a little drizzly – we got quite filthy but it was quite fun to be sloshing around… Wish we had brought our wellies from home though – then it would have been awesome haha

So many people were there and the small fireworks were fun to watch – some were very good – other attempts weren’t as good. My Grandpa had a great time chucking wood onto the fire… Beer in hand – haha.

The next day Ellen and Tom took us to Calderglen park which has its own little miniature zoo and we saw some pretty cool animals. Some of which were from Australia. Then we went for a nice walk around the park and the little river that ran through it.  We then went into the inside warm bit of the zoo – that had all different plant species from around the world and it had fish, snakes, ugly bug things, monkeys, turtles- very cool.

On the Sunday, Cindy and I went to the Burrell collection and Pollok house (and the park). The Burrell collection is quite impressive (one rich man can collect ALOT of artifacts/stuff from anywhere in the world) It was cool some of it – others was a little weird. Pollock House is an impressive house with some artifacts of olden day things… and it showed you where the lady of the house would sit in the morning, then at lunch, then in the afternoon and then at night. They had alot of sitting rooms – haha. The gardens were very pretty.

On the monday we then went to Edinburgh to do some stuff… we went to meet up with our tour guide Danny from our Skye trip and I had quite a bit to drink…. he ended up passing out after a lot to drink so we walked back to our hostel and I went straight to bed.. haha. The next day we had a look around the shops on the royal mile and went into the childrens museum – which had so many toys from back around WW1/2 and from there to now. Really good…  Today we went to Edinburgh castle again to get a stamp in our book – but she didnt stamp it very good – so a little disappointed. It was rememberance day today and they had a big thing up in the castle and alot of different troops were there from different ranks, areas, and so on were there in there scottish garb – it was great to see them all there.

We’re back in Glasgow tonight and tomorrow morning we bus down to London (10 whole hours) for our Tegan and Sara concert on Friday night.

Well anyways thats the update  – we may put some photos up tonight of Belfast, Bon-Fire night and Edinburgh…

Love to all,

Kath and Cindy

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1 Response to Glasgow and Edinburgh

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Kath, hey Cindy!

    Slowly getting through all your stories, sounds like you’re having a great time! I will be in Germany Dec, Jan and Feb, mostly in Frankfurt am Main. Do you know where you will be? Even if you’re not in Germany, a few mates and I are keen to do some travelling so I’m sure we can catch up somewhere if you’re on the continent!

    Keep the posts coming!

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