Dublin, Belfast and back again to Glasgow..

Our last few days in Dublin were very wet, we didn’t do much touristy stuff – except for tourist shops, the weather was quite depressing so we went to the movies and saw the cirque du freak – the vampire assistant. It was a book I read when I was younger (gran won it for me).

We went back up to Belfast for the last few days before we flew out, we stayed at the same hostel we stayed in when we arrived in Ireland. We shared the room that night with a New Zealand girl who was really nice – she was there for a night and was flying back to Bristol where she was working as a teacher till January.  The next morning we got up nice and early and we decided to go on the Belfast Bus Tour, we got student rates (hehe) and jumped on the bus, It was really good – the tour guide was okay and we saw the ‘big fish’ which is a giant salmon next to the waters edge that was awesome! ahah – on each scale held a different part of history of Belfast. We then saw the massive odyssey arena which has a massive cinema, Ice Skating Rink, Concert hall etc.  We then went through the titanic quarter. For those who don’t know Belfast was the city who built the Titanic and were back in the day the largest ship building city around. They were currently building a Titanic display/museum and wasn’t meant to be finished until 2012. We then drove to Stormont Estate which is a massive gardens and the parliament house. It’s such a massive complex is 365 metres long and has 365 windows for every day in the year.  The bus then continued back into the city and we past quite a few churches (one had the largest Celtic cross on the building). We then headed into the trouble area, this is where a lot of fighting happened between the protestants and Catholics / British vs Irish.   They had many many murals painted on the side of buildings to remember soldiers, political prisoners, the wars in general. We also saw the large walls that had been erected to try minimize the fighting (if they couldn’t see each other – they couldn’t fight each other).

The tour was really good that we did it a total of 3 times, we’ve found the lady tour guides have always been better, with stories, history and more enjoyable to listen too.  They had a really cheap cinema in belfast – so we saw 9 and fantastic mr fox.  We went into the Stormont Estate one day and spent a couple of hours in the estate and in the parliament house.

I really enjoyed Belfast and preferred it to Dublin – Belfast wasn’t overridden with Tourists and was quite relaxing and friendly, Dublin was just soo busy and loud ( I did love watching the buskers though).

So we caught the ryanair flight back on the Wednesday for our 20 minute flight back to Prestwick airport. The flight was quite bumpy as the weather hasn’t improved.

Last night (5th November) was bon-fire night which is a massive UK tradition (If you’ve seen V for the Vendetta (the movie) its about that). With Guy Faux’s attempt at blowing up Parliament. Ellen took us and Ross into the city to watch the cities fireworks. We had dinner in a nice restaurant that was under an old church – quite cool. Then we walked around to the park to watch the fireworks – They were awesome. The amount of people there, it was like river fire! Haha

As fireworks aren’t illegal to buy here, driving home we saw so so MANY fireworks just going off and hearing the popping noise they make… It was quite cool to watch.

Tonight we’re having a bon-fire party. Tom has been building this massive bon fire in the back yard which looks amazing!! The boys have invited all their friends around so its going to quite a good night, if they can get the fire to actually start with the rain – but they’ve done it in the past. So I can’t wait for tonight.

Cindy and I went to the shops earlier to get some boooooze. Cindy has started to get into Cider because wine is so variable. So cindy got 4 bottles of Cider, and I got 4 different beers (3 I haven’t tried before) So I hope I like them.

Cindy’s favourite Cider is Magners Pear Cider (whereas I like Bulmers Pear Cider better). Tonight I will be drinking a Cobra, a tiger, a Innis & Gunn and Duvel.

Cindy is putting up a Cindy’s Cider Page to match my Kath’s beer page so have a look and see the types of cider Cindy’s tried.

Anyways… Up next in our journey is a short trip to Edinburgh (again), our London trip for Tegan and Sara, a trip up to Oban, and then our trip to Mallorca.

Take Care,

Love – Kath and Cindy

btw – new photos are up in Ireland

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