Our stay in Dublin

We arrived in Dublin on Friday afternoon, after a 3 hour bus journey from Belfast. We had to hike for miles to get to our hostel (was at least a 30min walk from the bus station, which isn’t much unless y0u are carrying 10kg bags with you).

The front desk lady at the hostel was a but rude. Seemed like a total inconvience that we were wanting to check-in. We had to walk up 5 flights of stairs to our room… We met a nice English girl, Amanda and had a chat to her before going to explore the hostel. We were both on top bunks (4 bed dorm) and we had an ensuite and tv in our room.

We went to find a supermarket for dinner. We eventually found a Tesco’s and a cheap shop (where we got some 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner). When we got back to the hostel Amanda invited us to go out to the pub with her and a few other people.

We headed out after 10pm (took so long for the boys to get ready).  We headed into our first pub (it was very expensive) so we only had 1 drink each. We then went down to a pub/club (upstairs was a pub, downstairs was a club). We stayed upstairs for a while and watched the live band that was playing, then headed downstairs. Kath and I left the club at 1.30- we were buggered from the long day we had.

The next morning we decided to do the free walking tour of Dublin. It was a 3 hour tour (walking and standing non-stop). We went to the Dublin Castle, a Church, Temple Bar, St Andrews Green, Trinity College and a few other places.

Saturday we had a quite night in and just watched a movie on Tv.

Sunday we headed out quite late (the clocks turned back on Sunday) and we didn’t even realise it. We went out for a walk down all the main streets (on both sides of the river). We then went to the Photography Gallery, which was really small and only had about 20 pictures in there. We had some lunch, which was not very nice. Then headed down to the Museum. It was pretty interesting.. quite small though.

We hung out in the afternoon in the hostel trying to book buses/accomodation for our trip out to Galway on Monday.

Hope everyone is doing well… pics to come soon

Love Cindy and Kath

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