Giant Causeway Tour

Today we headed off to tour around the North of Northern Ireland.

We had a very stylish bus (fake leather seats and all!!). We started our tour late cause some people must have slept in – but anyways we headed off and our first stop was at Carrickfergus Castle. We didn’t go in, just took pictures from the outside. It was very windy there and we only saw one side of the castle – so not too much to report. But it was cool because they had a statue of a soldier with a gun leaning over the edge of the wall.

We then headed up the road to Carrik-a-Rede Bridge. We hiked over a km (and it really was, despite what the sign said haha!), alongside a cliff. It was pretty scary looking over the side of the cliff. It was a long way to the water and very rough sea. We didn’t cross the bridge (it was very windy and we wanted to save our money for lunch!! haha, yes as usual I was thinking about food!).

Shortly down the road we arrived at The Giants Causeway. We had lunch in the hotel (really the only option we were given). I had the Irish Stew and Kath had an Irish Burger. My stew wasn’t the greatest – mum makes a better stew (though her’s isn’t Irish haha). I am going to try another stew in a pub (I think it will be more authentic haha). We then decided to work off our lunch by taking the cliffside walk to the Causeway stones. It was a 3.5km walk one way! We saw stunning views and I took lots of photos. Looking over the cliff was very scary as there was no barriers or fences. I scared a sheep in a field and it peed itself. (I laughed for a while). The rocks were really cool, for rocks haha!. My favourite was the boot shaped rock, which we have not put a pic of * on request only*. We had a steep decent off the cliff edge (on stairs- 162 to be exact), then wandered around on the rocks near the water. We then started our long hike back to the bus.

Our next stop was the Bushmills Distillery, an Irish Whisky place. We had a look in the gift shop. There was really cool table and chairs there (as you can see in the pics).

We then  continued on down the road to Dunluce Castle. We only saw it from a distance, it was very large.

We then came back to the hostel and went for some dinner.

Tomorrow we are going for a walk around the Botanical Gardens and the Ulster Museum (which only re-opened today after being closed for 3 years!). In the afternoon we are heading off to Dublin.

We are heading to bed now because we have had a huge day and have another one tomorrow.

Hope everyone is well.

Love Cindy and Kath

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