Carlisle Trip

We didn’t get up to much while we were in Carlisle. Kath got a bad cold so we spent a few days resting at Johnathon and Emma’s place.

We went to a Football (soccer) match on Saturday. That was very interesting. Fans are very emotional here… a kid behind us started crying when the other team scored a goal!! Carlisle lost 1-0.

We went into Carlisle city a few times – we found the best shop. Its a cross between a novelty and joke shop. So many things we would have liked to have bought.

On Thursday night we met up with Jaime (Kath’s cousin) and his girlfriend and we went to the pub for dinner and drinks. We had a really good night with them.

We took the dogs for walks every day and I went for a run one day with Vince.

We headed out to the Lakes District on Sunday – unfortunately it was horrible weather so we had some lunch in a little pub and then headed down the road to see the coast.

Johnathon and Emma took us out a a nice little Indian restaurant on Sunday night and then we went to Paul’s Pub. Kath had a beer then we headed home to bed.

We had a fairly quiet time in Carlisle but it was nice and relaxing.

Unfortunately we did not get to see any Hedgehogs :(. But we did see mole holes (but no moles).. haha. We also saw a donkey in someone’s yard!!

We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather at home – I’m still eagerly awaiting the snow haha! (we’ll see how I feel about it when it arrives).

Hope everyone is well!

Love Cindy and Kath

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