Our long trip with bird guzzler!

After staying at the B&B we drove just down the road to Huntly Castle which was a pretty impressive castle (Inside and Out). We then drove down south to the Balvenie Castle which was right next to the Glenfidich Distillery which was cool but smelly! We didn’t go into the distillery as we don’t like whisky. The small town that we went through to get there was called Dufftown and it was a very lovely and homely little town. We drove next to Kildrummy castle which is a 13th Century Castle and had a nice little chat to the lady there – The views at the castle were absolutley amazing as the weather was perfect! We then drove down the road to Edzell Castle which was okay – we think they spent alot of money on the gardens rather than the castle but it was still nice – there were three big peacocks there hanging out with the cars and on the picnic tables.
Cindy then called the hostel in Dundee to see if they had any vacancies – they did. So we drove down the highway to Dundee which is an awesome city – it had lots statues of random things like monkeys, dragons, a dog, a man and lots more… We had a microwavable dinner from Tescos that night…  it was pretty okay. We had to park the car in the city car park… We had our fingers crossed it wouldn’t get anything. The hostel was very nice and we’d stay again. We stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm with 2 other girls (we didnt see them really). The hostel had the little doors with locks for your stuff which was cool and a really big kitchen/dining room and living room. We planned our route for the next day and went to bed. We got up early as we’d have to pay for parking if we stayed longer than 8am.

We left Dundee and headed straight to Loch Leven to see the castle there. We got there a little early and we both took some nice photos and we were ready for the first boat to leave at 9:30am – they didn’t open till 9:45am and the boat didn’t go till 10. The guy then told us we’d be over at the island for 40 minutes… so we hung around the castle and got some new friends ( 4 pheasants that hung with us in the sun). The weather was great again – so we drove to St Andrews for lunch and to see the castle and abbey/cathedral. St Andrews Castle was amazing, they have these mine holes which you can go down and see where the enemy dug tunnels to try make the castle collapse on itself ( They failed). We then walked over the the St Andrews cathedral/Abbey – and walked around ( you could get in for free as no one was manning the office or entrances) So we didn’t get a stamp for our book there!
We then drove around the coast of Fife to the Secret Bunker which is Scotland had a hidden bunker under this little farm yard. It was 100yds under the ground and was 2 floors down. It was built in secret around WW2 (i think) in the chance of a nuclear war attack against Britain. The important people would live down there manage and govern the country under ground to be safe from the war up top. It was really cool however quite pricey to get in ( I managed to get us student prices but it was still pricey). From here we drove to Anstruther to look at the fisheries museum which I thought would be free ( as it’s a museum) but they were charging 6 pounds. SO we didn’t go in but we were getting worried about where we were going to stay that night so we went into the information booth and had a chat to the lady there. She told us that there’d be no places really vacant as there was a Golfing Competition on in St ANdrews… So were like GREAT! I asked about campsite that had like cabins etc. She then informed us about little bunkers this site had. We were like okay…. and she rang ahead to find out how much and if there was vacancies. There was, and reasonable priced, so we drove to crail on the corner of fife. We got there and it was a 5 star camp site and the bunkers were little micro lodges and they were soooo cute, they had a tv and a heater. I loved them. We drove to the little shop and bought a wine glass, some wine, and dinner… we got back and started dinner and our cheap wine (we bought lemonade to make the wine nicer). We ran out of wine qickly so we walked to shops (maybe a mile and half) – It was a picturesque view of the coast line. There was a stunt plane flying around doing tricks and everyone in the campsite was watching and taking photos. We’ll try put the video we took of it.

The next day we finished off fife and saw Aberdour Castle, and saw and had lunch at Dunfermline and saw the abbey and the palace – however we couldn’t actually find it (the street signs lied). Our lunch was very pricey for a pub meal so we kept going after lunch and went over the Kirkeldine bridge and went to Linlithgow Palace which was Amazing – you could seriously get lost and it was ruins!! I can’t imagine what it would be like back in the day! We continued to Blackness castle which is on the fifth of forth. The castle was like a prison back in the day and had like a pit for the lowest of low criminals that they somehow got dropped down and never to be seen again… and the only way to clean is the tide water coming in and out – quite gross!! haha
We then drove back to Glasgow to stay back at my aunt’s place.

The next day we drove down south to Jedburgh Abbey and then we drove to Dumfries and stopped outside of Dumfries and saw Sweetheart Abbey and the New Abbey Cornmill was very interesting to see what they used to do. Then we drove to Sandy Hills which is where we were going to stay for 2 nights! We stayed in a hut called a wigwam in a campsite. There are no hostels or anything around Dumfries which sucked – but the wigwams sounded cool and like the micro lodge we stayed in. The wigwam is longer and had a microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge, tv and heater. It was nice – it took longer to heat up but it was good. The views were okay but not as good as criel.

The next day we headed out to Caeraverock Castle which had it’s own full moat and towers – was very cool! The lady there was nice to talk too and they played a video of the seige that took place around when King Edward the first reigned England. We then drove over to Dundrennan Abbey which was cool but not much to see except for cool scenary.
I must admit with good weather the lowlands the scenary was beautiful and beats the highlands. We saw threave castle (it’s only open summer) so we walked to see it – I took lots of photos of beautiful green grass and the bluest of blue skies. We had lunch at Kirkubride – it was okay. We then drove and saw Cardoness Castle (it wasn’t very exciting… I wouldnt have paid to see it). We then drove and saw saw Cairn Holy ruins of some old old burial sites and then saw a free castle called carsluith castle – this caslte was much better than Cardoness Castle. We then stopped off at Tesco’s at Castle Douglas then headed back to our WigWam… where we hung out for the afternoon and it decided to pour… After the rain decided to go somewhere else – we went for a walk along the ‘beach’ and took some photos of the rainbow and the fishing net poles – which we thought were pretty cool! After our walk we had our dinner and wine which went down well.

On Monday we had a lazy morning and hung out and got ready to head back up to Glasgow. When we were ready we headed up to Kilmarnuck and had lunch at wetherspoons – it was really good, cheap – service was pretty slow as it was understaffed and really really busy for a monday. After lunch we headed to dundonald castle which was pretty cool as we were able to go down into the pit of a jail and see how cramped it was and I know i wouldn’t have liked to be done there 600 years ago or so. We had a nice chat to the lady before heading back to Glasgow.

We gave the car a little clean and a little polish here and there where sticks made little scratches…

For our trip we drove 1134 miles – which is 1824km!! Pretty Insane!

Anyways, we’re back in Glasgow now and have tonight, tomorrow and wednesday morning here and then we catch our 1 pound train to Carlisle where we are house sitting for a week and a bit!

Hope all is well back in Aus.

Love us. xoxo

Oh by the way – Bird Guzzler is the nickname I gave t0 the car. He killed at least one birdie (that we know of) and drank a lot of petrol.

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3 Responses to Our long trip with bird guzzler!

  1. Mum says:

    Hi Girls, great to read your update and to hear what a great time you’ve had over the past week. How many castles are you up to now? I stayed up in Kildrummy a long time ago with Diana, we couldn’t understand the locals much! Glad to hear the weather is continuing to be good. It’s very, very dry here. Hope you have a good trip to Carlisle if I don’t talk to you before then. We are in process of moving to naked adsl+2 with VoIP so warn Ellen our phone won’t work and we’ll send our new computer phone number when we get it, until then there is always skype! take care, lots of love mumxxx

  2. Steve Millar says:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in ‘our bunkers’. We prefer to call them hobbit houses. 🙂
    Where’s the pics??

    Steve Millar, Master Hobbit Architect

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