Our trip up North!

Part 1 – Kaths recount


Sorry to all for not posting! It’s Sunday morning here. The last week has been good. We left for our trip on Tuesday morning to Glasgow bus station to get a bus to Stirling. The trip was good, bus was great! So we arrived in Stirling – we were a bit peckish and decided to get some Maccas – we both had a Bacon n Egg McMuffin (they were quite expensive). Then with our bags we hike up the hill to Stirling Castle… It felt good to get to the top.

The views were amazing from the castle – So we got into Stirling Castle for free with our membership with Historic Scotland! The castle was good – we got a free tour around the place.  It was very windy on the top of the hill. We had to wait a while for the next tour to Argyle Lodging. Cindy spotted a ice-cream truck (as she seems to do regularly) so she had an ice-cream while we waited. The next tour was long! We were starving cause we hadn’t had lunch and it was now like 1.30. So after we looked around the lodging we headed to the hostel. The guy who we think was the manager checked us in and gave us our codes to our room. We dumped our bag and headed out to get lunch. We tried a few take away places, the first one looked like it was closed and the second one the guy was asleep behind the counter. So we just decided to go to Tesco’s (one of the large supermarkets) to get some lunch, dinner and bread for the next morning. We got some Chicken Kievs and Cabonara pasta for lunch and Indian for dinner.

We went back to the hostel and made our lunch. It was ok – the pasta wasn’t too great. But the whole meal was cheap so we were happy.

Part 2 – Cindy’s recount

We then decided to go to Wallace Monument. They wanted us to pay 7pound for a return trip. So we caught a bus up there then decided to see how we felt and we might walk back. We turned up to the Wallace Monument and it cost a fortune, but luckily for us they weren’t admitting anymore people so we just walked up the hill to the monument. To say the least it was a hell of a walk. We were buggered by the time we got up to the monument, I just sat on the chair to admire the view – Kath took all the pictures. I was trying to breath haha. As we decided we would walk back to the hostel we caught the free shuttle bus down the hill.

We started our long trek back to the hostel… When we were near the hostel we spotted a gay looking bar (the huge rainbow flag really gave it away).  We headed up to our room and then decided we weren’t hungry just yet, so we would go try find the movies. We walked for ages more and finally found the cinemas. There was also a Nando’s next door!!! Hooray for Nando’s. The movie we wanted to see was on later so we just headed back to the hostel. The movie cinemas has different prices for different “chairs”. You can get a bean bag, 2 seater sofa. 4 seater sofa, normal chairs or first class chairs. Very Bizarre!.

We got back to the hostel and decided we would go to the bar and see what the Gay scene was like in Stirling. When we arrived Kath got a beer and I got a lemonade and we thought since it was dead we would play some pool. After the first game, we thought its still dead (literally only Kath and I and the guy behind the bar) so we would have another game. Kath beat me in the first 2 games – just I couldn’t sink the 8 ball… Stupid ball anyways. We got another round of drinks and had another game – still hoping that the place would liven up. I won the last game. It was nearly 8.30 and we hadn’t had dinner so we decided to head back to the hostel for our Indian. We had so much food and it was so delicious. We were buggered from our day of walking we headed to bed.

We were the only ones in our room that night. Neither of us slept because there was so much noise from “outside”. We found out the next morning the noise was from people in the common room – there were so many beer bottles in the recycling.

We checked out of there, totally exhausted and headed to the bus stop to go to Perth. We had a nice drive to Perth. When we arrived at Perth we hunted around for ages for the Tourist Information centre. When we finally found it, it turned out that everything we had gone to Perth to see was really far away. So we went to the Black Watch Museum (an army museum) and the Museum. Both of those were pretty interesting.

We still had time to kill before we were due to go to Inverness – so we went into Poundland and got some activity books and pens. Sounds immature but they are actually quite challenging.

By the time we finally arrived in Inverness, we were buggered. We wandered around looking for the hostel. We finally found it and had to walk up 3 flights of stairs to find the reception. The manager/ owner checked us in and showed us around. (We had to walk up another 2 flight of stairs to the room). Turns out we were sharing our room with 2 older European lady’s. They pretty much ignored us when we came in and we both had top bunks. Kath had to climb over my bunk to get to her bunk cause they had their crap spread all over the room. We went out to Morrisons (another large supermarket) to get some dinner. Turns out that on a Wednesday night it closes at 8pm.. Ahh!! So we found a bar/club/ restaurant place and had our meal there. Kath had a pasta dish and I had Chinese Curry and Chips. Turns out that rice didn’t actually come with the dish, so I was literally eating curry with fried chips… Not my favourite thing to do.

The first night it the hostel was awful. The 2 lady’s snored so loud all night long. We both had our ipods on full ball and could still hear the snoring over the top of it. I was almost brought to tears cause I was so tired and couldn’t stand the snoring. After practically no sleep we headed out early in the morning (with our fingers crossed they would be gone when we got back). We went to Inverness Castle (which is now a sheriff’s court) so we could only walk around the outside, then we went to the museum. Seagulls in Inverness were about 3 times the size of our ones back home (I was truly scared). We then caught a bus out to Urquhart Castle. The castle was more like ruins. But it was still interesting. We waited nearly 2 hours for the bus to come. A Japanese man was waiting with us. He was really funny. Finally a bus arrived and we told the driver we had been waiting for ages and hoped he would let us on. Thankfully he did. We went to Morrisons on the way back and got some dinner. We had a plan for tonights sleep. We were going to go to bed early and beat the other lady’s to sleep so we didnt have to hear them snoring. Well our plan didn’t really work. When we decided to go to bed, they were watching a movie (in a foreign language) really loudly. (In my opion easier to get to sleep then the snoring). So we hopped into bed and tried to get to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later at 12am. AHHHHH!! They had a candle burning and they were asleep and guess what – SNORING!!! Great another night with no sleep.

We packed up early to get out of the hostel and when we went to check out we saw the lady’s packing up to leave as well.. Noooo!!! We didin’t get up to much on Friday cause we were so tired from not sleeping for 3 nights straight. We mainly just waited at the bus station. The bus ride home was 4 hours. It flew by. Which was  great.

We were relieved to head back to Ellen’s and Tom’s and get a good night sleep in a warm and comfy bed.

From that trip we learnt – we are not going to book a hostel for more then one night at a time. Make sure you have a fully charged Ipod and take a poking stick so when people snore you can poke them from afar!

That was our Trip up North,

Bye for now,

Kath and Cindy

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