Friday was a busy day… we went out for a nice lunch with my parents, Ross and Cindy. My Grandpa shouted it for us. My meal was really good, I got the burger and free pint. Cindy got the fish and chips… I don’t think her fish was that great.

After lunch, Cindy, mum and I went to the shops to pick up some things and to get Andy (my cousin) a birthday present. Then we walked all the way back to Ellen’s place – it would have been over 2km.

When we got home, we rushed over to the Cambuslang GoKarting place where Andy and Malcolm work, but Andy had organised a 1.5hour race… Cindy, Dad and I went and watched – I got some good photos. ‘

After that we went to Andy’s 18th Party… Met my cousin Lesley again (Andy’s Sister).  We all had a few to drink but we left around 12ish, Ross drove us home and we chatted for a bit then went to bed.

Today, Ellen is putting together a massive lunch where a lot of the family is coming. Should be good.

Write Soon.

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