Isle of Skye Tour Day 2

We started off today – much like yesterday, pouring rain and in a bus. Our first stop today was a road-side waterfall in Skye. It was freezing cold and we got completely drenched, not because of the waterfall but because of the pouring rain we were standing in, it was really amazing to see such huge waterfalls after pouring rain. The next stop was the River of Eternal Youth – where it is believed that a woman drank from the water for her entire life and died at the age of 103 (but only looked 63). So it is believed that if you kneel on the side of the river and put your head in you will have Eternal Youth. Kath was game enough to put her head in the water, I was a whimp and far to afraid of a catching a cold, no matter how young it may have possibly made me, I was cold enough as it was!! Plus I think I look pretty good for 21 haha.

Moving on down the road we stopped to look at a river that apparently makes you good in bed. Neither of us felt the need to even get out of the bus haha.

A short bus journey down the road, but incredible long walk up a hill, we saw Dun Beag Broch, which was like an old watch tower. They were used centuries ago to look over the river to see when enemies were coming. When the enemy was nearing the river bank, the villagers would enter the Broch if there was too many people to fight off. The Broch had a small enterance that you needed to get onto your hands and knees to get into, so effectively when the enemy crawled through the entrance the villagers would just be able to attack them unawares. It was a few stories high and had an inside balcony so the women and children could hide without being in immediate  danger.

After this we went to Portree for lunch. We missed out on a pub meal because they were not serving lunch til 1. So Kath and I went and had fish and chips. We were offered Vinegar with our fish and chips not lemon!!! So that was a great disappointment. Apparently in Scotland they don’t have any shelters on footpaths or in general community area so our lunch was eaten in the bus. A few of us that were back at the bus on time, went down the road to get some ingredients for dinner and Kath and I got heaps of fruit.

Still soaking wet we headed off again to a rock that looked like a Kilt. The lookout that we went to had an amazing waterfall that was really high. The fence on the cliff edge “sung” to good looking people..apparently.. We then headed up into the mountains to see the beautiful scenery. The mountain that we went to had amazingly strong winds – stronger then anything I have ever felt (makes George St seem tame).

Our last stop of the day was to the Commando’s Memorial. Again it was very cold and rainy. So we jumped back on the bus and headed to our hostel.

This hostel is out in the middle of know-where in a farm by the looks of it. Kath and got  our own room with a double bed and ensuite. Much better then staying in a share room with some of the boys.

Our Tour Guide Danny has offered to show us around Edinburgh one day next week and maybe around St Andrews too.

Dinner was yet again well after 10pm- for sausages and potato -some people don’t let you help and take ages to make some of the most simple meals.
Anyway I’m very glad Kath and I are getting to share a bed tonight and hopefully it is a nicer day tomorrow.

Last day of the Tour tomorrow, we will have updates soon.

Cindy and Kath

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