Last photos are up

Photos are up for the remaining part of our honeymoon. We have tonnes of amazing photos, but only a few low res photos have been uploaded for your enjoyment.

Until next holiday.

Kath & Cindy.

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Los Angeles and our trip comes to an end….

Our flight from New York to Los Angeles was fairly good and uneventful (which is generally what you want from a flight). When we arrived in LA, we had to get a shuttle bus from the airport to the city, then a metro from the city out to our hotel. 

We checked into our hotel which was near Universal City then went out to find some food to have an early night. We went up to Universal City (it is up a very steep hill, and we managed to catch the free shuttle) and found a restaurant to eat at. Kath has a burger and I had Mac and cheese. Both meals were fairly good. We went back to the hotel and had an early night. Kath was exhausted and was asleep by 7.30pm, I stayed up until around 9pm. 

Due to Kaths very early Wednesday night she was up very early Thursday morning and was ready to go as I just woke up. I quickly got ready and we went to the Metro to go into the city. We went to Hollywood boulevard to get on the hop in hop off bus. So what can I say about Hollywood, that place is dirty… Like really dirty. 

The bus had not started for the day so we went for a walk down to view the Hollywood stars. It was cool to see some of them, however there were a lot of them, questionable as to the statute of having on these days when there are ones for animated characters etc. We went to view the hand prints outside of Chinese theatre which was interesting, some of the first ones were done back in the 40’s. We saw the Harry Potter handprints, hunger games just to name a few. 

After that we jumped on the hop on hop off bus. We took the bus through some of Beverly Hills and then changed routes to go to Santa Monica Pier. It was extremely overcast out there and quite cold, so we got the bus back to Hollywood. We had booked tickets for the Warner Bros Studio Tour that afternoon. 

We got the bus out to the studio and managed to get on an earlier tour. The tour was an absolute blast! We got to go into a number of studios, including The Big Bang Theory, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a tv show we hadn’t heard of. We also saw the set for Gilmore Girls, which they actually use for a lot of different towns in heaps of shows, such as Pretty Little Liars. We also got to go to a prop museum for Harry Potter and Suicide Squad, and there was a room full of the working bat vehicles which was really awesome. We also went to the prop room, which was a massive Wearhouse of all the props they use in TV shows and movies. At the end of the tour we got to go onto the Friends Central Perk set which was really awesome, we even got to sit on the chair! 

After the tour we got a taxi back to  Universal City and went out for dinner again, this time to a chain restaurant called Johnny Rockets. We both had burgers and I had an amazingly thick thickshake! 

We were up early for our final day of our trip Friday morning to go to Universal Studios for the day. We had an early pass so was able to enter the theme Park at 8am. We went through to Harry Potter World and got on to the rides in there with no wait. The Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest is the same as the one we went on in Japan but it was in English so that made it a bit better. The Flight of the Hippogriff ride was pretty fun, but very short. The second time we went in the Forbidden Forest ride we both felt a bit unwell. We then went to the Simpsons ride followed by the Studio Tour. The studio tour was completely different to the day before where we went to Warner Bros. They did have the biggest 3D 360 ride in the US, which was probably the highlight. We went on numerous other rides and saw all the shows that they had. The best one was called Water Works where they did a bunch of stunts and had actors from TV shows as the actors. The stunts were really good. We also saw the Animal Actors show which had the beagle from A Dogs Purpose, which was pretty cool! We both loved the Mummy ride, which is an indoor rollercoaster, we went on that one twice. 

After a huge day at Universal Studios we then headed to the airport via the Metro which required us changing lines 3 times and then taking a bus. It took a while but was very cheap! When we arrived at the airport we were advised that our flight had been delayed by an airport, so rather than depart at 11.20pm, we weren’t due out until 12.30am (Saturday morning). By the time we got on the plane I was so exhausted, I had fallen asleep before we even took off. I maanged to sleep at least 9 out of the 13 hour flight we had.

We are now safely at home with young Abby, all laying on the couch recovering from our huge holidays, Abby has been a beach Girl for the last 4 weeks up the Sunshine Coast with her best mate Ella. 

More photos will be out up in the coming days, so until next trip. We hope you have enjoyed reading g our blog and we have a lot more stories to tell that we haven’t included in here :). 

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – what can I say but wow, what an amazing place. But before I continue to describe the falls (which I am sure I will not do it justice) I will explain how we got there.

We started the morning out bright and early, checked out of our hotel and walked several blocks to our tour meeting point. It was a bit of a shamble the way it was “organised” but we eventually found our bus and our guide and got on our way. We were 2 of 17 Australians in the tour (we held the majority of the people on the tour). 

Our drive out of New York City was quite uninteresting and we had a bit of traffic. We did drive past the stadium that the Super Bowl is held at which was pretty cool. Our first stop for the trip was at a shopping complex for lunch. I was feeling unwell, so we didn’t go to the buffet restaurant most people went to. We went into the local Kmart to check it out, then Kath got Subway for lunch. It was raining pretty hard at this point, so the guide advised that the hike we were meant to do after lunch was called off. So instead we stopped at a roadside waterfall. This waterfall was in suburbia, and was inbetween some houses. It was quite large and given the downpour that morning it was running pretty quickly.

After that short stop, we got back on the bus and headed towards Niagara again. 

We arrived in Niagara Falls City and went to the viewing point on the US side of the falls. Most people don’t realise that the famous part of the falls (and the largest) is actually on the Canadian side of the boarder. We dropped off some people off at a hotel in the US side then continued through to boarder security to Canada. The Line to get into Canada was huge and we sat on the bridge for over an hour before we went through immigration. Once we were in Canada we went to the other viewing point of the falls. This viewing point gave you a full view of the falls and they were spectacular. The water is so powerful it’s amazing to think that people have gone over the falls and lived to tell the story.

After our short stop at the viewing point, we went to find out hotel. The hotel was a budget one, so it was fine for a night. We then had free time and went out to explore the town. We found a restaurant to eat at for our dinner. The main strip in Niagara Falls (Canada side) is a bit like times square, in that there are huge flashing lights everywhere, but the odd thing is that there are games and rides all down the strip. It was very odd. We went down to the falls to see the light show that is put on nightly, when we arrived there was a fireworks show on, which was pretty cool. They also put lights on the falls to light them up in the evening. At the completion of the fireworks, we walked back to the hotel for bed (it was nearly 11pm by the time we walked back).

We had an early morning the next morning in time to go to the maid of the mist boat ride. First we had to go back through immigration, which took less than an hour this time which was good. We then went back to pick up the people from the other hotel and then we waited for the ticket line to open.

We managed to get on the first boat of the morning. They give you free poncho’s, we wore thongs to avoid our joggers getting wet along with a shirt and shorts which was actually quite cold. The boat went off at 9am. It was packed on the boat but Kath managed to get us close to the front. The power that comes off the falls is amazing. The mist that comes off the falls certainly makes you wet (we were very thankful we had our poncho’s). 

After our boat ride we headed back on the road to go back to New York City. We stopped at a giant supermarket for lunch. It was a supermarket and a buffet area, where you pay per pound of food you select. The range of food went from salad, to fried rice to pizza. The food we each selected was pretty good. 

The next stop on the way back was at an outlet store. We didn’t buy too much from here as it wasn’t really all that cheap with the exchange rate and a lot of the stuff we could just buy in Aus anyways.

We finally arrived back in New York City around 8pm, we departed the tour and went to check into our hotel for the night. Once we checked in we went for a quick walk around and went to get some dinner. We found a local pizza place and had a slice each which was yummy. 

That night we had another late one, which wasn’t too good as we had yet another early morning on Wednesday to go to LA. 

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Sick in New York City

So we are well due for a blog update, currently writing this on the bus as we make our way up to Niagara Falls. 

So winding the clocks back to when we were in Cusco, we had the morning free before we had to go to the airport. That morning we had decided to go to the Museum we had a ticket for and made our way there… Turns out they are only open in the afternoon on Sundays… So that was annoying, I asked a couple of they were planning on coming back to go in – they said yes – so I gave them our tickets to the Museum. They wanted to pay, but we were happy to have someone use them.

We ended up going back to the main square and watching the parade happening and people’s very colourful costumes and outfits. After a while we decided to go find somewhere to eat to have an early lunch before going back to the hotel… We had a nice lunch and watched some soccer that was on in the restaurant… The owner/chef was also watching so we would both be cheering or commenting about the game even though he didn’t speak much English.

After lunch and back at the hotel, we had a nice seat in the sun and we were going to just wait until we had to go… Our friends Tom and Nancy were going for lunch across the road (where we had dinner a few nights ago) and asked us to join them while they ate. So we had a nice chat with them as they ate their lunch.

After their lunch, we went back to the hotel and Cindy and I had a game of Quirkle as we waited for the luggage truck to arrive. We got on the mini bus and the the truck took our bags.

On arrival at the airport, we checked in with no troubles to Lima and Cindy and I had seats together. They changed the gates once for the flight but we got on the plane with no problems. Flight was fine and short

At Lima, we all got our bags and we started to say goodbye to some of our new friends. Most were going back home to the states but some were staying a few days in Lima before going elsewhere in South America.

We were the only flying with United Airlines and our Check-in was open so we joined the long queue – couldn’t use my status here (If only Virgin Australia was part of Star Alliance still).. and waited and waited until finally it was our turn. We checked in no problems.

We went to meet the rest of the group, but we must have got our wires crossed as we thought we were meeting after security… So they were outside security and we were already inside. As our flight was leaving soon, we found a restaurant to have dinner. We thought the prices were in Sol and had a delicious meal – turned out it was in USD and made it a bit more expensive.

At this point, I had developed a small cough…

The flight left at 11pm  and was rather uneventful, Cindy fell asleep early on and slept through some turbulence… I actually managed to fall asleep after a few movies as well and got a decent amount of sleep.

We landed in New York Newark Airport around 7:30am Monday morning. We only needed to fill in one arrival/customs card (1 per family) and zipped through immigration with no problems. They have our fingerprints though on file now.

Took awhile to get our bags (we went to the bathroom while we waited – we were happy  that we could flush toilet paper again!) After we got our bags, we went though customs quick and went to find the train. 

Just as we were about to buy our tickets, a staff member announced that the train had broken down or something. Next option – the bus, so back down the stairs, back to the are with the buses. We got our tickets and then went outside to find our bus.

One thing I didn’t expect was the humidity! It was extremely muggy and reminded of Brisbane summer. (Yuk)

The bus goes to three places in Manhattan, we chose Grand Central Station as that looked the closest to our hotel, we really should have jumped out at Byrant Park (New York Public Library)… But we walked with our luggage for. Fair few blocks but found the hotel.

 Check in here is like 3/4pm and we got there at like 9… We hoped we could check in but wasn’t holding onto to too much hope. The Lady checking us in was lovely and said we could check in then and there but get a low floor or wait for a higher floor (we requested a high floor). We were exhausted and didn’t really want to wait so we opted for the 3rd floor.

Room was very nice and was happy with the size. We decided we go for a bit of a walk around. Our hotel was nice, next to the Rockefeller Centre. Between 5th and 6th Ave on 51st Street. So we walked up 5th Avenue and saw some fancy stores (Tiffany & Co) and the Trump Building which had cops everywhere and nodoubt secret service… We kept going till we got to Central Park, walked for a little bit in but then headed back out down 7th Ave and found Time Square, MnM World. We grabbed a small bite to eat and then made our way back to the hotel.

We had showers and then rested and started to plan our week… We went for a walk and found a Great little Chinese restaurant and got a good feast.

When we woke up on Tuesday – we both felt like a train had hit us. Cindy was the worst. I decided I would go out and find fruit and drugs (the legal kind). I found a place 2 blocks away and bought some nice strawberries, pulpy orange juice, vitamin c and cough medicine.

We decided we would have a rest day today and try get it out of us. So Panadol, Sudafed, cough medicine and vitamin c in we found out that we had a great TV selection. I went back on and luckily there was a place close by and got a couple of slides of pizza. Cindy couldn’t eat much so I had one slice for lunch and 1 for dinner. Cindy was coughing so hard she actually made herself vomit… Our abs were getting a workout and were sore plus we were using alot of tissues… We were feeling amazing! 

Wednesday, still not feeling great but drugged up we had to change plans. We bought a 5 day New York City Pass which gives you access to a range of things. As part of this, we got those bus tour things. We upgraded and got a two day pass. The first day we jumped on the mid-town loop and we were going to go to the Intrepid Museum… But we weren’t feeling well so we just stayed on the bus… The bus ended up going close to our hotel – so we jumped off and I grabbed some pizza again and we spent the afternoon back at the hotel to rest as we had Lion King on that night! Lion King was amazing! We had amazing seats, we didn’t cough all that much, the costumes were so incredible! It was a fantastic performance. As we were staying next to the Rockefeller Centre, we decided we’d go up to the Top of the Rock! A view of Manhattan all lit up! It was awesome to see and there were fireworks happening in Central Park!

Thursday, feeling slightly better and this was the day. We jumped on the bus to go downtown – heading to the statue of liberty (Liberty Island) and Ellis Island. The guide on the bus was really good and we heard some interesting things. The queues were crazy… To get tickets, to go through security, to get on the boat. When we got there, it was really cool to see. Unfortunately, tickets to go to the crown and pedestal were sold out months in advance. (I remember looking in January and they were available and thought I’d book but decided I’d hold off… I re-looked in March and Sold-out)! When we had a look around – we jumped back into a queue to get back on the ferry to get to Ellis Island. We were in this queue the longest, over an hour… 

Ellis Island was good, we had lunch here and then went exploring the museum​. It’s quite interesting to see the trends in people’s mindsets over the years when it comes to their fears over immigration. People werent happy with Jews, then Asians, now it’s Muslims. Anyone who is seen to be ‘different’ I think it’s silly and stupid, but to see the process they went through for people to get into the US.

After we had finished exploring Ellis Island, we got the ferry back to downtown Manhattan. I knew we wouldn’t be coming back here, so we had to keep pushing through, we walked to the 9/11 memorial and museum.

I’m glad I had tissues for my runny nose, as I needed them! It was a powerful museum that was for all four planes that crashed and the people and emergency service people who lost their lives. They had audio clips of people on the plane to their loved ones or people in the two towers… It was an amazing tribute to the victims.

After the museum we went back on the bus and went back up town and back to the hotel. I wasn’t feeling good now, I had a fever and didn’t want to go for dinner so Cindy organised food to come to us. We got Chinese and dumplings delivered which was tasty.

Friday, we woke up feeling a bit better but the weather wasn’t great. We went to Grand Central Station to take a look inside which is very very impressive! Then around the corner to the New York public library which was also very impressive! We like it even more as it stars in the day after tomorrow so it was cool to see inside.

We knew the view wouldn’t be great, but the forecast for the rest of the trip wasn’t going to be good…so up we went, the Empire State Building. A lovely building but the outlook wasn’t great… The building is so tall it was kinda in clouds lol…

After the Empire state building, we went back to times square where we went to madam Tussauds. Good (funny in parts) to see famous people as wax figures. We then went and got Cindy a jersey for our baseball game that night, she fit the children’s jersey and save like $15USD and I got a ball cap.

We went back to the hotel to rest before going to the game. Cindy was excited to see that the housekeeper had left a note saying thanks for the tip! 

We had to get on the subway to one stop before Flushings (reminded me of the nanny). Cindy grabbed some popcorn and I got nachos and we shared a giant softdrink. They do Free T-shirt Fridays, where they give everyone a free T-shirt as they come in.. unfortunately they are one size, one massive size… I still wore mine but it was like a dress!

The game was okay, unfortunately the Mets went down 4-1 against Washington. We saw 4 homeruns! On the way out, we grabbed another t-shirt and other goodies that people left behind.

Saturday, we walked through Central Park to the American museum of Natural history – it was a great museum and cool to see so many animals and dinosaur bones. We had planned on walking to the Intrepid Museum afterwards but it was pouring… So we spent longer in the museum so we didn’t haven’t to go out in it. When it had died down a bit we caught the subway to times square. I bought a new padlock as US security had chopped mine off to have a look in my bag… We think at the aerosol cans. We grabbed lunch at a pub and I had a local beer (1st for the US) which was good.

Sunday, we walked to the Intrepid Museum of sea, air and space. We spent about two hours walking around checking out a Submarine (USS Growler (?)), the giant aircraft carrier (USS Intrepid) and different types of planes (there was a cool stealth plane) then the one I really wanted to see – The Endeavour Shuttle. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go in but seeing it was awesome. I found a squishy toy here!

After the museum we walked down and partook in a 1.5 hour cruise of the city, this was good but it was very busy. We heard some interesting things about the city from this guide. 

After this boat ride, we decided we’d go for a late lunch in little Italy, so we jumped on a ‘water taxi’ and went down to the financial district and went for a walk to find little Italy, having to go through China town. 

Lunch was good, I had a yummy chicken parmigiana and pasta and Cindy had carbonara. I tried a Brooklyn lager here (my second beer of the US trip). It was pretty tasty. After our extremely late lunch (and dinner), we took Cindy’s left overs and jumped on the subway to go back uptown to the hotel where we packed and got ready for today.

Although we didn’t do everything we wanted to do, we still got to see the main things. I’m glad we are feeling better for our last week of holidays.

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The mysterious Machu Picchu

After, yet another short sleep, we were up at 4.30am to get ready to go up to Machu Picchu Inca City. By up at 4.30am, I mean we hit snooze so many times, that we were left with 5 mins to have breakfast before meeting our guide for the tour.

We left the hotel just after 5.30am to walk to the bus station to get the bus up to the Inca city. It was still dark as we started our walk to the bus stop. It felt like we were wandering around at midnight. When we arrived at the bus stop 10mins later, it turns out that we weren’t so early after all. Every other tourist staying in town also had the same idea to leave early. We joined the end of the 200m long queue, I think there must have been nearly 1000 people in front of us (at least it seemed like that). By the time we got to board the bus, it was nearly 6.30am. To board the bus you had to show your ticket and passport (they are very strict on seeing passports all the time here)

The bus trip was very interesting, the road to get up to the city was very narrow and windy. There was only room on the road for 1 bus at at time, however there were some passing spots, so there were a few occassions where we met a bus on a corner and one of us had to reverse to let the other through.

Near the top of the hill you could see a part of the ancient city which was exciting. When we reached the top, we all loaded off the bus and they recommend you use the toilet as there is only the 1 outside the gates and none inside. The cost of the toilet was 1 sol, which is about 25cents. We were happy enough to pay that, so we used the bathroom.

Once the group was all back together we went through the gates, we had to show our tickets and passports to get in. Once everyone was through the gates, our guide led us to the site. It was truly amazing to see. The mountain itself that were were standing on boggled my mind as to how you would think to build on the side of it. It was very steep and was surrounded on 3 sides by a river, which we later found out was actually the start of the Amazon River, which was interesting.

We walked around the ruins for 3 hours while our guide told us a bit about the history. The city was built between the 13 & 14th Centuries and was inhabited by 500 – 1000 people at any one time. It is believed that it took approximately 100 years to build the city and all of the rocks (carved into bricks etc) was sourced from the mountain. There was a pretty high tech drainage system that ran through out the city, with channels to ensure when it rained, nothing flooded.

After the tour, we were taken back out to the front gates. It was still early in the morning, so a few of us went back inside to see the “guards hut”. Up at the guards hut, we got a magnificent view over all of the city. There was a giant slab of rock up there and one of the ladies asked what it was, I announced it was the ‘Criminal Rock’ where they punish people… on closer inspection to the sign, it actually said ‘Ceremonial Rock’…. I blame the high altitude and early morning for my inability to read a sign. It then became the joke for the next few hours.

The hike up to the guards hut left us all starving, so we went back out to the front entrance for our lunch. We had a buffet lunch which was delicious, there was fried rice, noodles, salads, chicken pieces, fish pieces, numerous desserts and soft drink. Kath had an Inca Cola, which she described to be just like creaming soda.

Once we all had full bellies (perhaps I had a bit much too eat), we found a few people who were interested in hiking up to “Sun Gate” which is the end of the Inca Trail.

There were 7 of us who wanted to do the hike. We set off up past the guards hut and onto the Sun Gate Hike path. It took us about an hour to get up there, as we had many stops along the way to take pictures and catch our breaths. By the time the group had got up there, we were all stripping off layers as it was a pretty hot day.  Our backpack was getting heavier and heavier, and were were taking turns carrying it, until my shoulders got so sore Kath just carried it. The view from Sun Gate was amazing, you could see back to the Inca city and we also got to see the end of the Inca Trail path. I walked down the Inca Trail a bit of the way and then came up through the gate, the view was truly magnificent. It would be really amazing to see it for the first time that way.

Our hike down from Sun Gate was a bit tougher on the legs. When we arrived at the bottom, we caught the bus back down to town. We grabbed a beer with one of the men in our group, Tom, from the supermarket and drank that on the way back to the hotel. Once we arrived back in our room, we finished our beers, had a snack and showered and then went back out to the markets. I found a pretty cool shot glass there, it is ceramic.

We met with the group in the bar for a drink before dinner, then went to another restaurant within the hotel area. This meal was not as nice as the night before. For an entree, Kath had a vegetable lasagne, the pasta was in fact not pasta and was carrot, and I had a spicy meat filled capsicum thing, which was pretty nice. For our main meals Kath had a steak and I had a beef stirfry with rice and chips. For dessert, we both had chocolate tart with ice cream, Kath had eucalyptus flavoured and I ordered vanilla but got quinoa flavour… mmm chunky bits in ice cream.. We had another bottle of wine with Tom for dinner.

We went back to our room and I found it hard to get to sleep, I didn’t go to sleep until about 11.30pm.

When the alarm went off on Friday morning at 4.30am, one of us was good enough to get up and shower (that was Kath) and the other kept sleeping… We were down at breakfast slightly earlier than the day before, but not really that early. We managed to have a more substantial breakfast, which was nice.

We left the hotel at 5.30am again and went back to the bus stop. The line was even longer than the day before, however it felt like it moved quicker. We were up at the Inca city, by 6.30 and by the time everyone went to the bathrooms we were all set for our big hike. Today we were hiking up Mt Machu Picchu. Not everyone in our group wanted to do the hike, the others did Sun Gate hike and some just stayed back at the hotel.

We were told the hike would take approximately 2 hours up and 2 hours back, meaning we would be done by about 11:15am.

Challenge accepted.

Kath and I set off ahead of the group (which the guide said was fine), once we signed in at the gate (yes they checked passports again). There were some seriously spectacular views on the way up. The track was all uneven steps and some parts were so narrow, you could only go single file. We had our backpack with us, which weighed about 8kg, we had our jackets and 7 bottles of water with us, along with everything else we couldn’t fit in my backpack that was left in the hotel. I ended up carrying it for most of the hike and Kath carried some of the bottles of water, which was good as it saved us having to open and close the bag so much.

When we finally reached the summit an hour and 15 mins later (smashed it), the views were truly magnificent. You had a 360 unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains (half of which had snow on them), a view back down to the city and the river. The summit was over 3000m high. There were loads of people up here and over half of the guys had their shirts off cause it was hot and they sweated a lot obviously and needed them to dry.. It stank of BO! We went back to another viewing point (which did not smell) and had a rest for a few mins.

We then started the hike back down. This was a bit more challenging than the way up as we had to dodge people coming up and take it in turns to cross narrow paths etc. We got down in 1 hour and 10 mins (nailed it again!). We ran into the guide on the way down and he asked us to let Jacqui (our Marathon Tours Guide) know that the others were still on their way up and it would take a bit longer than expected.

When we reached the bottom we signed out and went to find the Inca Bridge Hike, which Jacqui said was really flat and good. We ran into Jacqui on our way to the other hike and spoke with her for a while to let her know how the others were going.

We set off on our next hike, which after the other huge one our legs were quite sore, so when we arrived at the check in gate we were puffing like we had sprinted up the hill. This hike was a 30min round trip (we did it in 27mins!). The paths on this were narrow and it was all in the shade which was nice. We saw the Inca bridge, which you cannot cross as it is beams across a huge cliff.. scary!

We met up with Jacqui again and sat with her while we waited for the rest of the group to come down the mountain from a nice view point overlooking the Inca City. We missed 4 people in our group come down as we hadn’t moved to the exit point in time. We then placed bets on how long the last people would come down…. I WON. We then made our way out of the Inca city and back to the bus. It took us a while for the bus to come and when we got back down to the city, we jumped off and grabbed some lunch. Kath and I shared a pizza and then went back to the hotel.

We met the group and made our way back to the train station to come back to Cusco. The train ride was really long and it felt like we were on a boat most of the time the way it was rocking. They gave us some gooseberries (look like cherry tomato, same consistency but taste like citrus) and a vegetarian pizza (covered in mushrooms). They then put on a fashion show, which was really odd and some rainbow character did a dance down the aisle. At the end of the fashion show they come and try and get you to buy the stuff that was displayed, I fell asleep during this part.

We eventually got to our station after 4 hours (train trip was meant to be about 3 hours) and got our bus transfer to our hotel. The check in process was much easier this time as they already had our details from last time. We are in a room right by a courtyard this time, which is a bit noisy. We pretty much fell asleep once we got clean.

Today is our last night in Cusco, before flying back to Lima and onto New York.

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